Christian Louboutin shoes over 70% Off

No we’re not selling designer shoes at knockdown prices, we’re hopefully helping people to spot fakes and not get ripped off. Last week ABC News searched Google for Christian Louboutin, found 9 sites that were claiming to sell his shoes and made purchases from each of the sites. With some sites selling $1,400 shoes for only $400 then who wouldn’t be tempted? Well if you read the article then you’ll be unlikely to make a purchase.

Real left, fake right.

Real left, Fake right

Spot the difference?

Real and fake

Obvious fake one one on the right.

You can read more about the report here and it will definitely make you think twice before ordering designer bargains online. It’s quite a sad situation because people’s desperation for cheap designer clothes means that lots of fake sites are created, this means that genuine small retailers get grouped in with these scams and only the big retailers get to sell the products online.

If you do enough research then you should be able to work out if a website is selling real products or not. A good bit of Googling and looking on review sites should tell you if they are selling real products or just popped up overnight. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!


What do your shoes say?

I remember reading an article on Marie Claire where a group of girls shared their shoe collection with a panel of personality “experts” (a shrink, a shoe ‘guru’ and some random guys). The results weren’t entirely accurate, some correct points and others not so true.

As a flat, ballet pump, only wearing high heels where unavoidable type, I have no idea what my shoes say about me (be kind please!).

But with these, my shoes can say whatever I want them to say!

plain shoespersonalised shoes

What do your shoes say about you?

How to camouflage hooker shoes

Now we’re not expecting any ladies of the night to be reading our blog but if you are then we have a tip for you. Back in 2009 Scherer Gonzalez created a range of shoes with mega high heels made from clear plastic, stuffed with flowers and with additional fresh flowers around the ankles. This design takes shoes which would normally be reserved for those of questionable morals and makes them more than acceptable for a day at Ascot or the Henley Regatta.

What do you think? We’ve not spotted the shoes at any events in the UK but I’m sure those of you from LA will have spotted them at various parties.

We’re not sure where Scherer got his inspiration but we think that if you gave hooker shoes to the Women’s Institute and asked them to spruce the shoes up, this would be the result. Unfortunately party afterwards wouldn’t be so much champagne and cocktails as tea and biscuits.


What happens when men review women’s shoes?

I just stumbled on this amusing post which investigates what happens when you ask a man to review women’s shoes. As expected it is totally different from how a women would do it – he isn’t going to be wearing it for a start! I think it helps that the guy is a comedian.

After reading this we have decided that more men should be writing for fashion magazines as it would make the fashion world a much cheerier place.