Volta Shoes

Over at More Than Shoes we love nothing more than some lovely soft leather (even more that we love superhero inspired converse), the kind that you can hardly touch because you will mark it. Not only does it look amazing, they feel so great on your feel and when you open the box for the first time you get a wonderful smell.

Inspired by this we’ve been taking a look at Volta Shoes and we think they will be a big hit in the UK once more people find out about them:

Volta Shoes

At £105 they aren’t cheap but are definitely worth it for the quality of finish and that lovely soft leather. They are more suited to a summers day in Italy but can just about handle a dry winter day in Scotland if you make sure it’s not going to rain later (easier said that done) and avoid getting any salt/grit on them. They really do compliment the jeans and a shirt combination for those of us unlucky enough to not be in Italy and wearing them with shorts!

Anyway, it’s time to go and enjoy that new shoe smell!