Loake Shoes

Happy New Year!

Since it’s the new year we thought we would introduce a top class mens shoemaker for you to strive for over the next 12 months.

Loake have been making shoes for over 130 years so they know a bit about style and quality! Recently awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment to the Queen, these shoes are made by craftsmen in their factory in Kettering.

Loake shoes factory

These shoes are made to last and as such can be sent back to the factory to be resoled or repaired after you’ve trekked a few thousand miles in them.

Our favourites have to be these Loake Chester in dark brown

Loake chester dark brown

A pair of these Loake shoes are going to be winging their way to More Than Shoes once the Christmas credit card bills have been paid off


Jeanshoe: Shoes That Look Like Jeans

There was a point in the late 90s/ early 2000s where denim went out of fashion and everyone was scrambling to work out what we would wear next. Well, this didn’t last for long and soon Levi and co were busier than ever. Since then we’ve had a resurgence of denim jackets, denim skirts, denim caps and even denim shirts. All that’s been missing up til now has been denim shoes to go along with the outfit.

Well, thanks to Buzzfeed.com, we can complete the head to toe denim look:

denim shoes

Virgin Atlantic TV ad Shoes

If you’ve seen the new “got ‘it'” TV ad from Virgin Atlantic then you’ll probably be wondering where to get the shoes from? Being shoe geeks we were forwarded this from our friends at Schuh and were very impressed by how glamorous the Virgin air stewardesses look. The ad hasn’t appeared on YouTube yet so we’ve just got a picture of the shoe in question, the Tauro Collar Court heels:

virgin atlantic tv ad shoe

virgin tv ad shoes

We’re pretty impressed by the look of these shoes and the fact that you can have all the glamour of a Virgin TV ad for only £59.99.

If you want to watch the ad just now then take a look here http://www.facebook.com/virginatlantic

Baracuta Shoes

Having never heard of Baracuta before these shoes were a bit of a pleasant surprise.  In a world where men’s shoes can be a bit boring this company is breaking the mold and making something interesting:

Now the real question is; do these Baracuta shoes look a bit more suitable for the older gent or as these quite young and trendy? Apparently their jackets have been worn by Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley and Liam Gallagher so they must have some street cred…

More than shoes – handbags too!

I love Etsy, I really do. Hours and hours of searching through people’s fabulously handmade creations and never seeing the same thing twice. For me, it’s like a grown up chocolate factory.

My love for Etsy was fuelled even more today when I stumbled across a couple of stores in particular;

  • Scholarly Articles. A Phd student from California, this girl spends her time “upcycling” (as she so aptly describes it!) vintage bags and shoes. Her designs are simple, but oh so effective. Her shoes may be old, but oh so pretty – and did I mention that she will paint a bag to match? They will do nicely!

handpainted shoes etsyhandpainted bag etsy

  • Sole Sensations. Across the water, this graphic designer creates wonderfully unique shoe sculptures. Not for those who like subtle tones or classic designs and even though I may not be able to walk in any of the creations, the ones below would be ideal for any christmas party and would certainly not clash with my LBD.

rudolph shoes

You like?

Love this Nike video

I am a lover of all things Nike and stumbled across this video of the Nike Free range by some Japanese DJs. Great work and very well executed with some fantastic colourways (I am yet to see any in my local stores).

If you like the video let me know.