Sak for Converse – Hiruma

Converse trainers are some of the most popular footwear on the planet, thanks in most to their low price and multitude of styles and colours. This leaves the wealthy celebrity types in some dilemma: they want to wear the most popular trainers in town but they don’t want to have be wearing the same ones as the rest of us riffraff. Well with these creations Converse has solved this problem and given wealthy Converse connoisseurs something to aspire to owning.

Hiruma has created a these All Star type, classic styling, leather shoes with the Converse collector in mind. With only 64 pairs of each style being made they cost a mind boggling $600 – $700USD!

Converse Sak One Star lo

Sak One star lo

Converse Sak Lo

I’m sure you will agree that these are probably the most awesome Converse ever created and that they could easily sell 10 times the amount they are producing, even at such a high price tag!

It’s unlikely we will ever see a pair of these in the UK but if you do spot them they snap them up and keep them good for the next decade. They will be worth a fortune to collectors one day….