Trainers from a Vending Machine?

This isn’t quite news but being outside of London we don’t hear of the latest goings on until a couple of years later…

So, it’s 5am, you’re walking down the shops and you decided that you need a new pair of shoes. Does this sound familiar? Maybe you’ve been at a really wild party and you’ve lost one of yours in the neighbours pond! What you really need at this stage is a shoe shop that’s open 24/7. Well now your wish comes true with a vending machine that sells Onituska Tiger:

We’ve no idea what prices they are charging but it’s probably a good idea to make sure you get the right size as returns could be a bit tricky at that time of the day.

So what’s next for vending machines and shoes? We think a machine that sells high heels + cheap plimsolls and is located next to nightclubs would do great business. Bit of dressing up for those who didn’t prepare for a night out and something comfortable for after the clubbing. Perfect!