Unusual Women’s Shoes

A few months ago we wrote about shoes made from food and they looked more edible then wearable. Now we’ve found another selection of odd and unusual shoes, many of which look like they’ve been inspired by food. The selection comes from the unlikely source of MSN Style:

Sling Shoe 1

The perfectly concealed weapon? A pair of shoes that turns into a slingshot!

riske shoes 1

When shoes imitate life? We’re not quite sure what they’re trying to do here but they’re not for the shy, retiring types.

banana shoes 1

Another take on the banana shoes as featured in our previous post! We prefer the previous ones but these look a little more comfortable.

dog shoes 1

The ultimate shoe for women who love dogs? Legs, paws, tail and a collar! We recon these would fly off the shelf and compliment anyone with an extensive Irregular Choice collection.


There are plenty of others to drool over (sorry) over at MSN so why not tell us your favourite….


Irregular Choice Whimsical Miaow

The high street fashion phenomenon that is Irregular Choice was getting discussed today and we all agreed on this being one of their best creations:

 Irregular Choice Whimsical Miaow leg shot

 Irregular Choice Whimsical Miaow Box

At £100 they are pretty cheap for the amount of detail that is in them! You couldn’t exactly wear them for a day at Ascot but they make a much more exciting purchase that a £1000 pair of Louboutins just so you can get some red soles!

So, what is your favourite pair of IC???