Converse Superheros!

More Than Shoes was started with the thought that we would cover lots of high fashion items, make visits to the catwalks of the world, dine with designers and live the lifestyle that these people enjoy. What has actually happened is that we’ve got more than a little bit obsessed with customised shoes and comic book inspired trainers! Maybe we’re mirroring the mood of Great Britain, spurning the catwalk in favour of make do and mend or maybe we’re just not as fashionable as we thought we were? Either way we’ve found another cheap way to get cool, customised Converse trainers…

Get yourself over to Etsy and you’ll find some very talented people who are making the trainer world a little bit more interesting.

Kids will love these and they’re also a pretty handy extra for a Halloween outfit for adults.

Anyway, we’re off to find some high fashion items to entertain you with soon – we can’t just wear Converse 24/7!


OutKast Star Big Boi Designs a Pair of Converse Trainers

We are in danger of becoming a custom trainers blog at this rate but there are so many cool designs coming out at the moment. Custom is king!

The latest creation that we are going to see is a pair of Converse All Stars designed by Big Boi from OutKast. We haven’t been shown the designs yet but they are supposedly going to have “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty” emblazoned down the side. This is the name of Big Boy’s new solo album. He’s undoubtedly a stylish guy so it will be interesting to see what the design looks like….

Jimi Hendrix Converse All Star

These have been getting a lot of Hype over the last month or so so it’s good to finally see them in the flesh. Big cudos to Converse for keeping up the tradition of having special edition All Stars!

Jimi Hendrix psychedelic Converse

Jimi Hendrix All Star

In our opinion you’d have to go for the first ones if you want to stand out and let people know you are a Hendrix fan. Probably best worn when performing on stage rather than jumping in the mosh pit…. you wouldn’t want to get your future collectors item wrecked would you!?!

Dr Seuss Converse Trainers

Here at More Than Shoes we are big fans of customising your own shoes and trainers to try and add a bit more flair and personalisation. In the next few years it’s looking like we’re going to have less money to spend on fashion so it’s good to be able to buy something cheap and modify it or to modify clothes that we already have. If, however, you have no artistic skills whatsoever, and you’re not worried about saving money, you can buy some special Converse which have been decorated with Dr Seuss characters. Our favourite has to be this one with Thing 1 (or is it Thing 2?).

Dr Seuss Converse Shoes

At only $55 they aren’t going to break the bank and will definitely make you stand out amongst the crowds with their plain All Stars. As far as we know these are only available in the US but if they ever come to the UK then we will keep you updated.

Dr Seuss Converse

Converse XX Hi Top

I promise you that I haven’t been hiding in a cave for the past few years but I’ve only just discovered Converse XX Hi Tops. It might be that they’ve just not been available in the UK up until now but I discovered them when browsing the shoes sale at schuh. They aren’t in the sale but at £50 I think they will be very popular with this year’s festival goers. It’s a bit late for buying them for Glastonbury now but T in the Park is still to come and we’re having a great summer so there’s no need to buy wellies this year (errr, no guarantees given!)

Converse XX Hi Top

Anyway, what does everyone think about them and what would you wear with them???