Adidas Originals Teddy Bears by Jeremy Scott

When we first saw these we thought it was a April fools but no, they are a real pair of Adidas trainers by Jeremy Scott!

adidas teddy bear trainers

They aren’t quite suited to an afternoon out in Glasgow but if you’re going to Florida on holiday then these would great for traipsing around the amusement parks! Even Micky Mouse would be jealous to see you sporting a pair of these.

Adidas Originals teddy bear by Jeremy Scott


Anyway, you’ll be lucky to find a pair of these outside of the US so why not pick up a pair when you’re over there and take a picture of them when you get back to the UK? Pretty please!?!

Thanks to for the giving us Adidas envy!


Adidas Chewbacca Trainers!

For anyone who is a Star Wars fan these have to be some of the best trainers that Adidas have come up with to date! Thanks to Sole Redemption we’ve just seen details of the new Adidas Originals Jogging Hi x Star Wars – Chewbacca trainers:

Forget Ugg Boots, these are the ideal footwear for the up and coming winter weather! With any luck we’ll be able to find some for sale in the UK soon and then give you a review of them. If you know of any then please get in touch.