Nike Air – Powered by Havana Club

It’s been a while since we spotted as innovative a use of a pair of shoes as this. As part of a challenge issued by rum maker Havana Club, people have been tasked with taking an everyday object and turning it into something new.  In response to this, sneaker customiser Nash has turned a pair of Nike Air Force 1 into a set of speakers!

Nike Air Force 1 speakers

I think you’ll all agree that these are awesome and have to be one of the best ways to show off your new Air Force 1 (other than rocking them through the city!)

Havana Nike Air Speakers

The amount of work and detail that’s gone into these is amazing. We can’t even imagine where you would start but we are prepared to take a drill to an old of pair Caterpillar boots and have a go.

Havana Club Nike Air Force 1

We’re not sure what the sound would be like but we want a set of these very badly!

If you want to enter the competition then head along to the Havana Club Facebook page



Converse Open Nightclub!?!

In a strange turn of events the trainer manufacturer Converse has stepped in to save a London nightclub from closing. Converse have offered to sponsor the venue to stop it closing after recent rent increases left it unable to continue trading. This is quite a sad step for the once proud 100Club but if it keeps the venue open then we can only assume that it’s a good thing.

From the point of view of Converse, this is a bold step and one that we were not expecting. They are clearly proud of their heritage of being worn by bands and fans for the past 50 years and want to show this off.

The 100Club have stated that there won’t be overt advertising and we hope they stick to this. We wouldn’t want this to go the way of o2 with their tacky advertising all over their venues.

100club converse venue

This news will hopefully please fans including Paul Weller who were campaigning to save the club from closure.

Adidas Originals Teddy Bears by Jeremy Scott

When we first saw these we thought it was a April fools but no, they are a real pair of Adidas trainers by Jeremy Scott!

adidas teddy bear trainers

They aren’t quite suited to an afternoon out in Glasgow but if you’re going to Florida on holiday then these would great for traipsing around the amusement parks! Even Micky Mouse would be jealous to see you sporting a pair of these.

Adidas Originals teddy bear by Jeremy Scott


Anyway, you’ll be lucky to find a pair of these outside of the US so why not pick up a pair when you’re over there and take a picture of them when you get back to the UK? Pretty please!?!

Thanks to for the giving us Adidas envy!

The History of Ugg

Maybe this is a bit of a dramatic title but it’s inspired by a great article in the Telegraph about Ugg and their history

So much about the history of Ugg boots seems to be shrouded in mystery. Did they first create the iconic design, was it Emu or was it just some surfers who were looking for a way to warm up after surfing? Whoever it was, they spawned the  creation of one of the most iconic brands in footwear that has gone on to conquer the world!

As well as creating one of the biggest footwear brands, Ugg has also created one of the most copied/pirated products on the high street. According to the article, 20,000 pairs were confiscated in Britain last year. Even at £20 a pair this would be £400,000 worth! This market was created due to the massive demand for the product coupled with the upwards of £200 price for some of the styles.

So, what is the future of Ugg? Well after appearing in nearly every store in the UK high street, they have decided to limit the number of retailers with accounts to try and revive the exclusivity of their products. A risky strategy for sure but clearly they have done a good job of getting their brand where they want it and don’t want to become the next Crocs!

Sak for Converse – Hiruma

Converse trainers are some of the most popular footwear on the planet, thanks in most to their low price and multitude of styles and colours. This leaves the wealthy celebrity types in some dilemma: they want to wear the most popular trainers in town but they don’t want to have be wearing the same ones as the rest of us riffraff. Well with these creations Converse has solved this problem and given wealthy Converse connoisseurs something to aspire to owning.

Hiruma has created a these All Star type, classic styling, leather shoes with the Converse collector in mind. With only 64 pairs of each style being made they cost a mind boggling $600 – $700USD!

Converse Sak One Star lo

Sak One star lo

Converse Sak Lo

I’m sure you will agree that these are probably the most awesome Converse ever created and that they could easily sell 10 times the amount they are producing, even at such a high price tag!

It’s unlikely we will ever see a pair of these in the UK but if you do spot them they snap them up and keep them good for the next decade. They will be worth a fortune to collectors one day….

Trainers Made from Cardboard

Let’s get back down to earth after the last post’s extravagance. While we’re at it, let’s save the planet with some fashionable recycling!

Have a look at what the guys from created:

trainers made from cardboard

They managed to make Nike Blazer High, Adidas Superstar, New Balance 574 and Puma Clyde by only using the boxes the the trainers came in – clever stuff! We don’t think that you’d be able to wear them down the shops on a rainy Saturday we’re really impressed by the level of detail that they gone to on their creations, 10 out of 10!

cardboard New Balance 574

Customise Your Own Shoes Online

This is big news in the shoe world! Haven’t you always thought that you could create better designs than Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin? Did you always use the excuse that you didn’t then have the time/money/patience/skills to make them? Well now you can do it all yourself, online at

Upper Street is the creation of two “certifiable shoe obsessive” sisters, Katy Chandler and Julia Grinham. They couldn’t find their perfect shoes so they decided they would allow themselves and the rest of the world to create their own.

The site allows you to customise upper shape, front, back, straps, colours and embellishments. We created a bit of a monster shoe with everything added and it only came to £240. Not bad for what you’re getting, although this is probably going to add up if you decide to make custom shoes for every outfit you have!

Once you’ve blown your budget on a few pairs of these then you might want to head over to Branch309 where you can pic up some bargains on brands like Irregular Choice and Fly London – a handy little recent find.

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