Unusual Shoes Made from Food

It’s been a while since we found some really unusual shoes for you (sorry about that) but it’s been worth the wait as we’ve found some beltersfrom Robert Tabor.

Robert is clearly passionate about shoes and has a great imagination when it comes to design. How else could you conjure up the idea of making the “Spaghetti Stiletto”, the “Fierce Fish” and the “Hello Dolly”? He’s even been commissioned by the Ritz Carlton of West Palm Beach to make a collection of shoe artwork for their presidential suit!

Here are some of our favourites:

Have you got any requests for Robert? We’d quite like to see his take on Kate Middleton since he’s already done Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth.


Millions of Custom Nike Trainers

Not quite millions but more than you can shake a stick at. 22 year old Brass Monki has created loads of really innovative designs like this one of Bob Marley

Bob Marley Nike Sneaker

and the awesome Dr Robotnik

Dr Robotnik Nike trainers

but then he goes all corporate and does this monstrosity

Google Nike Sneakers

We’re not sure who would be seen dead in these but there’s always someone. Coming soon they also have Firefox and Twitter shoes. Just think how cool you would feel when sitting in Starbucks in your Twitter trainers….using Twitter! Everyone else would think you’re an idiot but don’t let that stop you.

Sak for Converse – Hiruma

Converse trainers are some of the most popular footwear on the planet, thanks in most to their low price and multitude of styles and colours. This leaves the wealthy celebrity types in some dilemma: they want to wear the most popular trainers in town but they don’t want to have be wearing the same ones as the rest of us riffraff. Well with these creations Converse has solved this problem and given wealthy Converse connoisseurs something to aspire to owning.

Hiruma has created a these All Star type, classic styling, leather shoes with the Converse collector in mind. With only 64 pairs of each style being made they cost a mind boggling $600 – $700USD!

Converse Sak One Star lo

Sak One star lo

Converse Sak Lo

I’m sure you will agree that these are probably the most awesome Converse ever created and that they could easily sell 10 times the amount they are producing, even at such a high price tag!

It’s unlikely we will ever see a pair of these in the UK but if you do spot them they snap them up and keep them good for the next decade. They will be worth a fortune to collectors one day….

Stilettos for Mountaineering?

Surely this can’t be right? Well they aren’t usually associated with each other but this hasn’t stopped TevaTeva creating these:

Hiking Stilettos

teva stilettos

ladies hiking shoes

We’re not quite sure that you would want to walk up Ben Nevis in them but they could make doing the gardening a more glamorous event. Although they might not be nice enough to wear on a night out, they would be good enough for a trip down the high street.

It’s not clear if these are actually on sale anywhere but if we find them then we’ll post up a link.


Always believe in your soul!

It’s Christmas party time here so things are getting a little silly. With all the bad weather that we’ve been having you’d think we would write about winter boots and other footwear to keep warm? Well you would be wrong. Today we’re going to look at shoes made from gold.

Gold shoes

gold shoe 2

gold shoes 3


According to fisherwy.blogspot.com these shoes are made from 680g of sold gold. There aren’t any reviews people people wearing them and we’re guessing that you wouldn’t be able to walk on anything other than carpet in case you scraped some of the gold off. Of course if they haven’t put soles on them then you might be slipping about a bit too.

Other than the impracticalities, we’re surprised that these haven’t been spotted on at least one WAG yet. Maybe the Christmas party season will bring them out?

If you’re wanting something cheaper then you might want to check these gold shoes.

Unusual Women’s Shoes

A few months ago we wrote about shoes made from food and they looked more edible then wearable. Now we’ve found another selection of odd and unusual shoes, many of which look like they’ve been inspired by food. The selection comes from the unlikely source of MSN Style:

Sling Shoe 1

The perfectly concealed weapon? A pair of shoes that turns into a slingshot!

riske shoes 1

When shoes imitate life? We’re not quite sure what they’re trying to do here but they’re not for the shy, retiring types.

banana shoes 1

Another take on the banana shoes as featured in our previous post! We prefer the previous ones but these look a little more comfortable.

dog shoes 1

The ultimate shoe for women who love dogs? Legs, paws, tail and a collar! We recon these would fly off the shelf and compliment anyone with an extensive Irregular Choice collection.


There are plenty of others to drool over (sorry) over at MSN so why not tell us your favourite….

Jeanshoe: Shoes That Look Like Jeans

There was a point in the late 90s/ early 2000s where denim went out of fashion and everyone was scrambling to work out what we would wear next. Well, this didn’t last for long and soon Levi and co were busier than ever. Since then we’ve had a resurgence of denim jackets, denim skirts, denim caps and even denim shirts. All that’s been missing up til now has been denim shoes to go along with the outfit.

Well, thanks to Buzzfeed.com, we can complete the head to toe denim look:

denim shoes

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