The History of Skate Shoes

The Skate Shoe – perhaps the most essential part of any skaters apparel – is something that has become increasingly more important to persons, retailers and economies alike over the last 30 years, not only in the US but now in the UK, as skateboarding and the brands connected to it complete the transition from underground to mainstream. So much so, aspects of skating lifestyle now genuinely infiltrate our everyday lives; from Tony Hawk computer games, to popular TV shows and now there’s now even an I-phone app dedicated to skate shoes – iMADE FOR SKATE, which chronicles skate shoes from all over – based on the inaugural MADE FOR SKATE collection at the Skateboarding Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.


The point is, skating and skate shoes in particular are a long way from the early days when going ‘au natural’ was the most viable option for budding skaters, and Kileen Gonzalez of Yahoo Sports has penned a great little read on the history and evolution of the footwear. Luckily, going ‘au natural’ isn’t something we need worry about anymore.  There’s a huge selection of modern alternatives to choose from. I’m a loyal Chucks fan but there’s a great selection of Vans, Es, DC and more at Schuh if you wish…



Summer in the Park – Portable Barbecues

Today we have decided to do one of our very rare, non shoe related posts! Since the weather has been so nice, it was decided that a portable barbecue would make a welcome addition to the summer cooking armoury, and so we needed to decide on which one to get.

The contenders:

The Plum Folding Barbecue

This looks like a great space saving bbq for those of us who don’t have much storage space at home. If you’re buying a portable then you either don’t have a big garden or you want to take it in your car on trips to the country. The Plum also has ventilation holes on all four sides so you should be able to get the fire going quickly and get a good amount of heat while you are cooking. Should cost about £30 if you shop around online.

Webber Smokey Joe Premium

The Smokey Joe is by far the best looking of the portable barbecues that we looked at and if space wasn’t an issue then we would have it in a second! At £50 it sit in the mid range of portables and would certainly the one you would want to show off at festivals. Being a Webber it will be engineered for cooking so there’s no need to worry about it taking too long to heat up or whether it will give an even heat.

Son of Hibachi

This has to be one of the best bits of barbecue technology ever invented and we instantly wanted it when we got sent the link! When you light the bbq you have it standing upwards so that the air goes right through the coals and heats them up fast. Once it’s up to heat you open it up and have a huge cooking area that will easy hold enough food for a group of friends. After enjoying your food you don’t even need to wait for the Son of Hibachi to cool down as it comes with a fire proof bag which you can put it in and head home right after cooking. As you’ve probably guessed this is not the cheapest barbecue here and comes in at about £80.

So, which one should be buy? At the moment we’re edging towards the Plum as it takes up the least amount of space and at £30 is pretty cheap. We’ll keep you posted on any purchase over the weekend…

It’s Summertime – Get The Birkenstock Out!

It’s been a long winter up here in Scotland so we’re jumping with joy now that the sun has finally come out to play. This means that we can hunt for the one pair of shorts we own, look out the 10 year old suntan lotion and wear sandals instead of boots!

Normally a pair of Havianas would do us but this year we decided to go a bit upmarket and buy Birkenstock. Birkenstock have been gone from unfashionable, to cool and back to unfashionable again but they’ve just updated their selection and look cool once again. Their standard Arizona sandal has been adorned with a simple blue and white stripe which makes it look much younger and more acceptable to wear:

Birkenstock Arizona Papillio

You can get these Birkenstock over at Schuh or you can probably drive over to Germany and pick them up at the factory.

We’re looking forward to sporting them at this weekends barbecues and hopefully not trudging back in the rain with wet feet.

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Muchos Cheapness on the Nike Dunk highs

Found these  so thought I would share them as they are a great colourway and are very cheap. Thats the great thing about Summer and christmas times when the stores have to clear some stock. One Man’s Rubbish Is Another Man’s Gold as they say!

What happens when men review women’s shoes?

I just stumbled on this amusing post which investigates what happens when you ask a man to review women’s shoes. As expected it is totally different from how a women would do it – he isn’t going to be wearing it for a start! I think it helps that the guy is a comedian.

After reading this we have decided that more men should be writing for fashion magazines as it would make the fashion world a much cheerier place.

Love this Nike video

I am a lover of all things Nike and stumbled across this video of the Nike Free range by some Japanese DJs. Great work and very well executed with some fantastic colourways (I am yet to see any in my local stores).

If you like the video let me know.

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