Unusual Shoes Made from Food

It’s been a while since we found some really unusual shoes for you (sorry about that) but it’s been worth the wait as we’ve found some beltersfrom Robert Tabor.

Robert is clearly passionate about shoes and has a great imagination when it comes to design. How else could you conjure up the idea of making the “Spaghetti Stiletto”, the “Fierce Fish” and the “Hello Dolly”? He’s even been commissioned by the Ritz Carlton of West Palm Beach to make a collection of shoe artwork for their presidential suit!

Here are some of our favourites:

Have you got any requests for Robert? We’d quite like to see his take on Kate Middleton since he’s already done Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth.


Customise Your Own Shoes Online

This is big news in the shoe world! Haven’t you always thought that you could create better designs than Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin? Did you always use the excuse that you didn’t then have the time/money/patience/skills to make them? Well now you can do it all yourself, online at www.upperstreet.com

Upper Street is the creation of two “certifiable shoe obsessive” sisters, Katy Chandler and Julia Grinham. They couldn’t find their perfect shoes so they decided they would allow themselves and the rest of the world to create their own.

The site allows you to customise upper shape, front, back, straps, colours and embellishments. We created a bit of a monster shoe with everything added and it only came to £240. Not bad for what you’re getting, although this is probably going to add up if you decide to make custom shoes for every outfit you have!

Once you’ve blown your budget on a few pairs of these then you might want to head over to Branch309 where you can pic up some bargains on brands like Irregular Choice and Fly London – a handy little recent find.

Loake Shoes

Happy New Year!

Since it’s the new year we thought we would introduce a top class mens shoemaker for you to strive for over the next 12 months.

Loake have been making shoes for over 130 years so they know a bit about style and quality! Recently awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment to the Queen, these shoes are made by craftsmen in their factory in Kettering.

Loake shoes factory

These shoes are made to last and as such can be sent back to the factory to be resoled or repaired after you’ve trekked a few thousand miles in them.

Our favourites have to be these Loake Chester in dark brown

Loake chester dark brown

A pair of these Loake shoes are going to be winging their way to More Than Shoes once the Christmas credit card bills have been paid off

Stilettos for Mountaineering?

Surely this can’t be right? Well they aren’t usually associated with each other but this hasn’t stopped TevaTeva creating these:

Hiking Stilettos

teva stilettos

ladies hiking shoes

We’re not quite sure that you would want to walk up Ben Nevis in them but they could make doing the gardening a more glamorous event. Although they might not be nice enough to wear on a night out, they would be good enough for a trip down the high street.

It’s not clear if these are actually on sale anywhere but if we find them then we’ll post up a link.


Always believe in your soul!

It’s Christmas party time here so things are getting a little silly. With all the bad weather that we’ve been having you’d think we would write about winter boots and other footwear to keep warm? Well you would be wrong. Today we’re going to look at shoes made from gold.

Gold shoes

gold shoe 2

gold shoes 3


According to fisherwy.blogspot.com these shoes are made from 680g of sold gold. There aren’t any reviews people people wearing them and we’re guessing that you wouldn’t be able to walk on anything other than carpet in case you scraped some of the gold off. Of course if they haven’t put soles on them then you might be slipping about a bit too.

Other than the impracticalities, we’re surprised that these haven’t been spotted on at least one WAG yet. Maybe the Christmas party season will bring them out?

If you’re wanting something cheaper then you might want to check these gold shoes.

Volta Shoes

Over at More Than Shoes we love nothing more than some lovely soft leather (even more that we love superhero inspired converse), the kind that you can hardly touch because you will mark it. Not only does it look amazing, they feel so great on your feel and when you open the box for the first time you get a wonderful smell.

Inspired by this we’ve been taking a look at Volta Shoes and we think they will be a big hit in the UK once more people find out about them:

Volta Shoes

At £105 they aren’t cheap but are definitely worth it for the quality of finish and that lovely soft leather. They are more suited to a summers day in Italy but can just about handle a dry winter day in Scotland if you make sure it’s not going to rain later (easier said that done) and avoid getting any salt/grit on them. They really do compliment the jeans and a shirt combination for those of us unlucky enough to not be in Italy and wearing them with shorts!

Anyway, it’s time to go and enjoy that new shoe smell!

Virgin Atlantic TV ad Shoes

If you’ve seen the new “got ‘it'” TV ad from Virgin Atlantic then you’ll probably be wondering where to get the shoes from? Being shoe geeks we were forwarded this from our friends at Schuh and were very impressed by how glamorous the Virgin air stewardesses look. The ad hasn’t appeared on YouTube yet so we’ve just got a picture of the shoe in question, the Tauro Collar Court heels:

virgin atlantic tv ad shoe

virgin tv ad shoes

We’re pretty impressed by the look of these shoes and the fact that you can have all the glamour of a Virgin TV ad for only £59.99.

If you want to watch the ad just now then take a look here http://www.facebook.com/virginatlantic

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