Iron Man Nike Dunks

Sneaker designer J’field Yeo has took a normal every day Nike Dunk trainer and created these amazing Ironman Nike Dunk sneakers.

The trainer comes with a customised Ironman Suitcase very similar to the one featured in Ironman 2.

This doesn’t look like the kind of trainers you would wear to walk to the shops but I’m sure these will go down a storm come comic-con.

The trainer itself comes in Ironman colours with a gold and red exterior with Ironman’s helmet painted on the rear. It’s customised to have two LED eyes on the rear of the trainer and another Arc Reactor LED on the tongue.

Why not try your hand at customising some Nike Dunk trainers and let us know what you come up with in the comments.




Millions of Custom Nike Trainers

Not quite millions but more than you can shake a stick at. 22 year old Brass Monki has created loads of really innovative designs like this one of Bob Marley

Bob Marley Nike Sneaker

and the awesome Dr Robotnik

Dr Robotnik Nike trainers

but then he goes all corporate and does this monstrosity

Google Nike Sneakers

We’re not sure who would be seen dead in these but there’s always someone. Coming soon they also have Firefox and Twitter shoes. Just think how cool you would feel when sitting in Starbucks in your Twitter trainers….using Twitter! Everyone else would think you’re an idiot but don’t let that stop you.

Nike Air – Powered by Havana Club

It’s been a while since we spotted as innovative a use of a pair of shoes as this. As part of a challenge issued by rum maker Havana Club, people have been tasked with taking an everyday object and turning it into something new.  In response to this, sneaker customiser Nash has turned a pair of Nike Air Force 1 into a set of speakers!

Nike Air Force 1 speakers

I think you’ll all agree that these are awesome and have to be one of the best ways to show off your new Air Force 1 (other than rocking them through the city!)

Havana Nike Air Speakers

The amount of work and detail that’s gone into these is amazing. We can’t even imagine where you would start but we are prepared to take a drill to an old of pair Caterpillar boots and have a go.

Havana Club Nike Air Force 1

We’re not sure what the sound would be like but we want a set of these very badly!

If you want to enter the competition then head along to the Havana Club Facebook page


Trainers Made from Cardboard

Let’s get back down to earth after the last post’s extravagance. While we’re at it, let’s save the planet with some fashionable recycling!

Have a look at what the guys from created:

trainers made from cardboard

They managed to make Nike Blazer High, Adidas Superstar, New Balance 574 and Puma Clyde by only using the boxes the the trainers came in – clever stuff! We don’t think that you’d be able to wear them down the shops on a rainy Saturday we’re really impressed by the level of detail that they gone to on their creations, 10 out of 10!

cardboard New Balance 574

Not-so-custom Nike Trainers

News sites and blogs don’t set the news, they just report what’s happening at the time, and because of this we are writing about another set of custom Nike trainers. This time we feel that Nike and/or the designer has copped out a little. Taken from Destructoid these Street Fight inspired Nike Dunks are only using colours from the characters and won’t have any images on them.

Colours will be:

Chun Li – Blue and white

Ryu – Red, black and white (would that not be Ken?)

We would also like to see:

Blanka – Green and red

Gyle – Light green and dark green

Additional features should include the ability to do a spinning bird kick, flash kick and a tornado whirlwind kick! These would certainly mean the trainers would fly off the shelf and would allow Nike to charge an premium.

Right, back to slightly more serious shoes for a little while…..

More Toy Story Nike Trainers

This was spotted while rummaging around in the blogosphere:

Buzz Lightyear Nike Dunks

How many more pairs have been designed? Surely there must be a Woody pair? We need answers!

Toy Story Shoes

The idea of movie merchandise is one that will put off even the less style conscious amongst us but sometimes there are some pretty amazing bits that pique our interest. Now, it’s worth pointing out that the reason these Toy Story Nike Dunks are as cool as they are is probably because the studio, Nike and nobody like McDonalds was involved in their creation. They are part of a design project by Aritz Bermudez and would sit nicely in the collection of any Nike or Toy Story fans. While the movie is fresh in the cinemas we recon you could also get off with wearing these for a few nights out. You’re sure to get lots of compliments.

Sadly, it’s unlikely that these will ever get made. Companies like Nike are too big and slow to be able to see a design like this at put it into production – they would probably have had to plan this over a year ago. What Aritz has done is quite clever and will hopefully have got the attention of one of the sneaker companies. This way we might see some awesome Batman 3 trainers or something creative for the new X-men movie.

Toy Story Nike Trainers:

Toy story shoes 1toy story shoes 2toy story shoes 3