Ugg Trainers

We’re feeling a bit behind the times here at More Than Shoes as we’ve only just realised that Ugg now sell Converse lookalike trainers. We’ve not had a chance to play with a pair yet but we’re guessing that they are a lot higher quality that a pair of Converse and will last a lot longer! With Uggs trademark sheepskin lining then at least we know these will be comfy and warm!

What do you guys make of them? Cool or a step too far for Ugg? Have you spotted any on the street?

Ugg Trainers

Ugg Evera Bronze

Ugg Trainers spotted at Schuh.


Converse Open Nightclub!?!

In a strange turn of events the trainer manufacturer Converse has stepped in to save a London nightclub from closing. Converse have offered to sponsor the venue to stop it closing after recent rent increases left it unable to continue trading. This is quite a sad step for the once proud 100Club but if it keeps the venue open then we can only assume that it’s a good thing.

From the point of view of Converse, this is a bold step and one that we were not expecting. They are clearly proud of their heritage of being worn by bands and fans for the past 50 years and want to show this off.

The 100Club have stated that there won’t be overt advertising and we hope they stick to this. We wouldn’t want this to go the way of o2 with their tacky advertising all over their venues.

100club converse venue

This news will hopefully please fans including Paul Weller who were campaigning to save the club from closure.

Sak for Converse – Hiruma

Converse trainers are some of the most popular footwear on the planet, thanks in most to their low price and multitude of styles and colours. This leaves the wealthy celebrity types in some dilemma: they want to wear the most popular trainers in town but they don’t want to have be wearing the same ones as the rest of us riffraff. Well with these creations Converse has solved this problem and given wealthy Converse connoisseurs something to aspire to owning.

Hiruma has created a these All Star type, classic styling, leather shoes with the Converse collector in mind. With only 64 pairs of each style being made they cost a mind boggling $600 – $700USD!

Converse Sak One Star lo

Sak One star lo

Converse Sak Lo

I’m sure you will agree that these are probably the most awesome Converse ever created and that they could easily sell 10 times the amount they are producing, even at such a high price tag!

It’s unlikely we will ever see a pair of these in the UK but if you do spot them they snap them up and keep them good for the next decade. They will be worth a fortune to collectors one day….

Dr Seuss Converse Video

After posting about how we want to get back to posting about classier fashion shoes we’re back to Converse. #Fail. Having looked at what search terms send the most traffic to the site we discovered that LOADS of people where searching for “Dr Seuss Converse”. We still haven’t found anywhere in the UK that sells them so, to those new people who find the blog, we’re sorry we can’t be of more help. If you’re just looking for normal Converse then have a look at our friends from Schuh – Converse

Anyway, here’s the video of an excited kid opening his Dr Seuss Converse:

Converse Superheros!

More Than Shoes was started with the thought that we would cover lots of high fashion items, make visits to the catwalks of the world, dine with designers and live the lifestyle that these people enjoy. What has actually happened is that we’ve got more than a little bit obsessed with customised shoes and comic book inspired trainers! Maybe we’re mirroring the mood of Great Britain, spurning the catwalk in favour of make do and mend or maybe we’re just not as fashionable as we thought we were? Either way we’ve found another cheap way to get cool, customised Converse trainers…

Get yourself over to Etsy and you’ll find some very talented people who are making the trainer world a little bit more interesting.

Kids will love these and they’re also a pretty handy extra for a Halloween outfit for adults.

Anyway, we’re off to find some high fashion items to entertain you with soon – we can’t just wear Converse 24/7!

Converse Superhero Custom Trainers

We’ve not spotted any interesting Converse trainers for a little while but these have just popped up on the radar thanks to

The collection includes; Batman villains, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman which should please most Converse comic book fans!

OutKast Star Big Boi Designs a Pair of Converse Trainers

We are in danger of becoming a custom trainers blog at this rate but there are so many cool designs coming out at the moment. Custom is king!

The latest creation that we are going to see is a pair of Converse All Stars designed by Big Boi from OutKast. We haven’t been shown the designs yet but they are supposedly going to have “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty” emblazoned down the side. This is the name of Big Boy’s new solo album. He’s undoubtedly a stylish guy so it will be interesting to see what the design looks like….

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