The History of Skate Shoes

The Skate Shoe – perhaps the most essential part of any skaters apparel – is something that has become increasingly more important to persons, retailers and economies alike over the last 30 years, not only in the US but now in the UK, as skateboarding and the brands connected to it complete the transition from underground to mainstream. So much so, aspects of skating lifestyle now genuinely infiltrate our everyday lives; from Tony Hawk computer games, to popular TV shows and now there’s now even an I-phone app dedicated to skate shoes – iMADE FOR SKATE, which chronicles skate shoes from all over – based on the inaugural MADE FOR SKATE collection at the Skateboarding Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.


The point is, skating and skate shoes in particular are a long way from the early days when going ‘au natural’ was the most viable option for budding skaters, and Kileen Gonzalez of Yahoo Sports has penned a great little read on the history and evolution of the footwear. Luckily, going ‘au natural’ isn’t something we need worry about anymore.  There’s a huge selection of modern alternatives to choose from. I’m a loyal Chucks fan but there’s a great selection of Vans, Es, DC and more at Schuh if you wish…



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