Summer in the Park – Portable Barbecues

Today we have decided to do one of our very rare, non shoe related posts! Since the weather has been so nice, it was decided that a portable barbecue would make a welcome addition to the summer cooking armoury, and so we needed to decide on which one to get.

The contenders:

The Plum Folding Barbecue

This looks like a great space saving bbq for those of us who don’t have much storage space at home. If you’re buying a portable then you either don’t have a big garden or you want to take it in your car on trips to the country. The Plum also has ventilation holes on all four sides so you should be able to get the fire going quickly and get a good amount of heat while you are cooking. Should cost about £30 if you shop around online.

Webber Smokey Joe Premium

The Smokey Joe is by far the best looking of the portable barbecues that we looked at and if space wasn’t an issue then we would have it in a second! At £50 it sit in the mid range of portables and would certainly the one you would want to show off at festivals. Being a Webber it will be engineered for cooking so there’s no need to worry about it taking too long to heat up or whether it will give an even heat.

Son of Hibachi

This has to be one of the best bits of barbecue technology ever invented and we instantly wanted it when we got sent the link! When you light the bbq you have it standing upwards so that the air goes right through the coals and heats them up fast. Once it’s up to heat you open it up and have a huge cooking area that will easy hold enough food for a group of friends. After enjoying your food you don’t even need to wait for the Son of Hibachi to cool down as it comes with a fire proof bag which you can put it in and head home right after cooking. As you’ve probably guessed this is not the cheapest barbecue here and comes in at about £80.

So, which one should be buy? At the moment we’re edging towards the Plum as it takes up the least amount of space and at £30 is pretty cheap. We’ll keep you posted on any purchase over the weekend…


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