It’s Summertime – Get The Birkenstock Out!

It’s been a long winter up here in Scotland so we’re jumping with joy now that the sun has finally come out to play. This means that we can hunt for the one pair of shorts we own, look out the 10 year old suntan lotion and wear sandals instead of boots!

Normally a pair of Havianas would do us but this year we decided to go a bit upmarket and buy Birkenstock. Birkenstock have been gone from unfashionable, to cool and back to unfashionable again but they’ve just updated their selection and look cool once again. Their standard Arizona sandal has been adorned with a simple blue and white stripe which makes it look much younger and more acceptable to wear:

Birkenstock Arizona Papillio

You can get these Birkenstock over at Schuh or you can probably drive over to Germany and pick them up at the factory.

We’re looking forward to sporting them at this weekends barbecues and hopefully not trudging back in the rain with wet feet.


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