Nike Air – Powered by Havana Club

It’s been a while since we spotted as innovative a use of a pair of shoes as this. As part of a challenge issued by rum maker Havana Club, people have been tasked with taking an everyday object and turning it into something new.  In response to this, sneaker customiser Nash has turned a pair of Nike Air Force 1 into a set of speakers!

Nike Air Force 1 speakers

I think you’ll all agree that these are awesome and have to be one of the best ways to show off your new Air Force 1 (other than rocking them through the city!)

Havana Nike Air Speakers

The amount of work and detail that’s gone into these is amazing. We can’t even imagine where you would start but we are prepared to take a drill to an old of pair Caterpillar boots and have a go.

Havana Club Nike Air Force 1

We’re not sure what the sound would be like but we want a set of these very badly!

If you want to enter the competition then head along to the Havana Club Facebook page



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