The History of Ugg

Maybe this is a bit of a dramatic title but it’s inspired by a great article in the Telegraph about Ugg and their history

So much about the history of Ugg boots seems to be shrouded in mystery. Did they first create the iconic design, was it Emu or was it just some surfers who were looking for a way to warm up after surfing? Whoever it was, they spawned the  creation of one of the most iconic brands in footwear that has gone on to conquer the world!

As well as creating one of the biggest footwear brands, Ugg has also created one of the most copied/pirated products on the high street. According to the article, 20,000 pairs were confiscated in Britain last year. Even at £20 a pair this would be £400,000 worth! This market was created due to the massive demand for the product coupled with the upwards of £200 price for some of the styles.

So, what is the future of Ugg? Well after appearing in nearly every store in the UK high street, they have decided to limit the number of retailers with accounts to try and revive the exclusivity of their products. A risky strategy for sure but clearly they have done a good job of getting their brand where they want it and don’t want to become the next Crocs!


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