Customise Your Own Shoes Online

This is big news in the shoe world! Haven’t you always thought that you could create better designs than Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin? Did you always use the excuse that you didn’t then have the time/money/patience/skills to make them? Well now you can do it all yourself, online at

Upper Street is the creation of two “certifiable shoe obsessive” sisters, Katy Chandler and Julia Grinham. They couldn’t find their perfect shoes so they decided they would allow themselves and the rest of the world to create their own.

The site allows you to customise upper shape, front, back, straps, colours and embellishments. We created a bit of a monster shoe with everything added and it only came to £240. Not bad for what you’re getting, although this is probably going to add up if you decide to make custom shoes for every outfit you have!

Once you’ve blown your budget on a few pairs of these then you might want to head over to Branch309 where you can pic up some bargains on brands like Irregular Choice and Fly London – a handy little recent find.


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