Always believe in your soul!

It’s Christmas party time here so things are getting a little silly. With all the bad weather that we’ve been having you’d think we would write about winter boots and other footwear to keep warm? Well you would be wrong. Today we’re going to look at shoes made from gold.

Gold shoes

gold shoe 2

gold shoes 3


According to these shoes are made from 680g of sold gold. There aren’t any reviews people people wearing them and we’re guessing that you wouldn’t be able to walk on anything other than carpet in case you scraped some of the gold off. Of course if they haven’t put soles on them then you might be slipping about a bit too.

Other than the impracticalities, we’re surprised that these haven’t been spotted on at least one WAG yet. Maybe the Christmas party season will bring them out?

If you’re wanting something cheaper then you might want to check these gold shoes.


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