Ugg Boots

Probably the biggest opinion divider in the fashion, Ugg boots have recently got much more trendy and mainstream with their offering. The Classic Uggs were and are a strange phenomenon. They are big, cosy, warm and comfortable, which makes them great for winter, yet they aren’t waterproof and can get badly marked when there’s salt and grit on the roads. The plus side is clearly winning because they are the biggest brand of boots in the UK these days and they can only get bigger with their recent releases.

Thanks to Schuh, we have a selection of new models to show you:

UGG Joslyn

Ugg Boot Joslyn

A good chunk of wedge heel, side zip and lovely sheepskin cuff make this a much more viable option when considering fashion and warmth this winter!

Ugg Kensington

Ugg Boot Kensington

The solution for those people wanting a biker boot but also wanting comfort and warmth!

Ugg Leona

Ugg Boot Leona

This, in our opinion, is the ultimate fashionable Ugg boot of the moment. lovely soft leather means that it’s waterproof and salt proof and it looks great! With a sheepskin/leather cuff it keeps to the original Ugg concept but somehow manages to come across as a very classy boot.

If Ugg keep up with more new designs like these then they will be dominating the boot market for many years to come.


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