New Sherlock BBC Series: Jacket

There’s been a lot of buzz around the internet concerning the new Sherlock Holmes series on BBC 1 starting Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Not only are people loving how well Sherlock has been updated for the 21 century but they are loving the clothes that he wears!

After lots of people trying to find out what coat he wears, GQ Magazine did some investigating and found out that it’s a Belstaff. Sadly for those people rushing out to buy one, it was from the winter 07/08 collection and is no longer available. We’ve had a good bit of snooping around eBay and can’t find any for sale at the moment but we’ll keep looking. GQ have reported that Belstaff are re-releasing the jacket called “The Millford” but when we checked the site they were selling a jacket with this name and it’s not one from the program.

Sherlock Holmes Belstaff Jacket

Seeing as nobody can find the jacket, that is reported to cost £1,350, then it could be presumed that it’s all been a bit of a publicity stunt for Belstaff. The first company to come out with a good copy will make huge sales this Autumn!

If you want to get the shoes that Sherlock wears then we recon that these are as close as you need to get:


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