Not-so-custom Nike Trainers

News sites and blogs don’t set the news, they just report what’s happening at the time, and because of this we are writing about another set of custom Nike trainers. This time we feel that Nike and/or the designer has copped out a little. Taken from Destructoid these Street Fight inspired Nike Dunks are only using colours from the characters and won’t have any images on them.

Colours will be:

Chun Li – Blue and white

Ryu – Red, black and white (would that not be Ken?)

We would also like to see:

Blanka – Green and red

Gyle – Light green and dark green

Additional features should include the ability to do a spinning bird kick, flash kick and a tornado whirlwind kick! These would certainly mean the trainers would fly off the shelf and would allow Nike to charge an premium.

Right, back to slightly more serious shoes for a little while…..


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