Health Professional Endorses Owning Lots of Shoes

Standing at a meagre 5ft 3inches tall, I find myself in heels a large proportion of the time.  Imagine my dismay at reading the headline on the BBC today “High heels’ shrink calf muscle fibres”. Thankfully I read the article and discovered that my legs were not actually shrinking, but it is the case that women who continually wear heels can find it difficult to then wear flat style shoes as their calf muscles stiffen and it becomes increasingly difficult to walk flat footed.

A number of ballet style exercises are suggested to combat the effects of continuous heel wearing, but it is also suggested to wear a range of different heel heights.  I never need an excuse to buy more shoes but a health expert’s endorsement certainly takes away some of the guilt.  Here are a few gorgeous styles which not only look amazing but will also ensure your pins stay in great shape;


These grey pumps even come with ankle support, the chiropodist would be impressed!

schuh flat pumps


A genius style with a cheeky hidden wedge heel to give you a little height but without the pain.

kust geiger wedges


Sorry even the threat of shorter legs, won’t stop me from coveting these classic Louboutin’s



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