Dr Seuss Converse Trainers

Here at More Than Shoes we are big fans of customising your own shoes and trainers to try and add a bit more flair and personalisation. In the next few years it’s looking like we’re going to have less money to spend on fashion so it’s good to be able to buy something cheap and modify it or to modify clothes that we already have. If, however, you have no artistic skills whatsoever, and you’re not worried about saving money, you can buy some special Converse which have been decorated with Dr Seuss characters. Our favourite has to be this one with Thing 1 (or is it Thing 2?).

Dr Seuss Converse Shoes

At only $55 they aren’t going to break the bank and will definitely make you stand out amongst the crowds with their plain All Stars. As far as we know these are only available in the US but if they ever come to the UK then we will keep you updated.

Dr Seuss Converse


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